hosts a collection of interviews with various career practitioners with the goal of helping to “educate, inform and inspire” career aspirants to learn about a variety of career paths. Aaron Stahl, the site’s owner and administrator, recently invited me to provide some insight on business analysis as a career. Those who know me know I love to talk business analysis, so I was more than happy to accept!

The questions covered a range of topics (standard list provided below) and I was generally pleased with how things turned out. You’ll find, among other things:

  • A brief description of what a business analyst does
  • What a typical work week looks like
  • How I got started as a business analyst
  • What I like and dislike about business analysis
  • Comments on business analysis compensation
  • Suggested education and skill set
  • What is most challenging and most rewarding about a career in business analysis
  • Advice to people considering business analysis as a career
  • Common misconceptions about what business analysts do

If you’d like to learn more about business analysis as a career, I’d invite you to check out the interview and post any additional questions you may have. If you are a business analyst, please enrich the discussion by commenting with some of your own insights!