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My name is Jonathan Babcock. I am currently a Senior Manager at Jabian Consulting, an Atlanta based management and IT consultancy. My areas of expertise include business analysis, process optimization, and solution delivery methodology.

Prior to joining Jabian, I spent 7 years building up the business analysis competency at a Fortune 500 wholesale and retail distribution company, and 5 years wearing just about every solution delivery hat for a “Big 4” consulting company.

My passions include helping organizations to improve their solution delivery capabilities, and individuals to reach the next step in their personal progression.

Why the Website?

I started Practical Analyst because I felt writing about business analysis and solution delivery could help me get better at both.

First, the website provides me a place to keep track of my own thoughts and lessons-learned.

Second, I wanted to broaden my network of contacts within the business analysis community and learn how other people were doing things. I understand very well how things are done in my firm and at past employers, but how are other people in other industries and in other parts of the world solving similar problems? What personal tips and tricks do other BA’s use that I might be able to learn and use?

There is a vibrant and growing online community of business analysts and other solution delivery professionals that is very supportive and at the same time quite candid with their opinions of what works and what doesn’t. I knew that blogging would give me access to that community, and for what I was getting from it through others’ blogs, discussions, articles and podcasts,  I ought to give a little back. As a student of business analysis and solution delivery, this site is my small contribution to the overall dialog.

Third, I love what I do. I enjoy solving business problems through sound business analysis and solution delivery principles. I enjoy learning from and mentoring others who are share my interests. I see Practical Analyst as my opportunity to advocate principles and practices that I am convinced are solid and worth sharing.


As a little personal background, I’m a husband and father of 4. My family, my faith and my friends are of greatest importance to me.

I enjoy seeking out and collecting snippets of things that are positive, uplifting and beautiful. I also enjoy travel, language study (I speak French with near-native fluency), sci-fi/fantasy novels, and the latest sports, political and cultural trends.

I grew up in Michigan, graduated from the International Business program at Mississippi State University (Hail State!) and have lived in several states and countries along the way (parlez-vous francais?). I currently reside in the Atlanta, GA area, and love it here.