General tips and commentary on professional conduct.

Four Critical Components of a Meeting Invitation

While debates rage as to the effectiveness of meetings in general, and books have been written on meeting organization and management, I’ve found that often meetings go wrong before they even begin because the invitation is missing (or vague in) four critical components, without which the likelihood of full participation and effectiveness is diminished.

Business Analysts and Grammar Police

Poor grammar and spelling that cause a requirements model to be inaccurate, or difficult to understand and use, are serious because they negatively affect the documentation’s ability to serve its purpose. An otherwise solid, easy to understand document with some errors in grammar and spelling, is not as serious. In either case, poor grammar and spelling should be included in the offending analyst’s professional development plan, and improvement should be encouraged and expected.

The Benefits of a Sincere Compliment

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment,” and I think many of us would agree with him. The “business” of delivering business solutions can be a stressful and, at times, seemingly thankless one. My “practical” advice for the day would be to seek out opportunities to recognize, thank, and compliment your stakeholders and solution delivery team members for the work they’re doing and for the assistance they provide in helping you do your work as an analyst. Not only does a compliment or a small act of kindness serve as a “pick-me-up” for the […]