That's my girl!


This is my youngest. Her name is Mary. She’s supposed to be finishing up a use case for me, but I’m pretty sure she’s just surfing the ‘net. Or, maybe she’s “creating a GUI interface in Visual Basic [so she] can track an IP address…” (H/T @ClearSpringBA)

Whatever the case, this is just one more piece of visual proof that she’s her daddy’s girl!


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  1. If she's anything like my 3 year-old, she wants to see "the cats" as in icanhascheezburger. That's what he thinks a computer is for.

  2. Funny! Yeah, the little ones love the youtube videos, too – chimpanzee riding on a segway.. Cat flushing the toilet, etc… What did we do without 'puters growing up, anyway?

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