Business Analyst Career Talk on hosts a collection of interviews with various career practitioners with the goal of helping to “educate, inform and inspire” career aspirants to learn about a variety of career paths. Aaron Stahl, the site’s owner and administrator, recently invited me to provide some insight on business analysis as a career. Those who know me know I love to talk business analysis, so I was more than happy to accept!

The questions covered a range of topics (standard list provided below) and I was generally pleased with how things turned out. You’ll find, among other things:

  • A brief description of what a business analyst does
  • What a typical work week looks like
  • How I got started as a business analyst
  • What I like and dislike about business analysis
  • Comments on business analysis compensation
  • Suggested education and skill set
  • What is most challenging and most rewarding about a career in business analysis
  • Advice to people considering business analysis as a career
  • Common misconceptions about what business analysts do

If you’d like to learn more about business analysis as a career, I’d invite you to check out the interview and post any additional questions you may have. If you are a business analyst, please enrich the discussion by commenting with some of your own insights!

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Jonathan Babcock is a management and IT consultant with expertise in business analysis, process optimization and solution delivery methodology. Practical Analyst is his outlet for sharing what he's learned, and for interacting with solution delivery professionals across the globe.

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  1. hello Sir,
    i will be joining in a business analysis firm in 2013. i m a fresher with a Bachelor degree in engineering. i m very excited about it but a little bit confuse too because of lack of knowledge of this field. Can you provide me with some basic fundamentals one need to know about it.If possible also refer some good books on this .

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