Author: JB

Use Cases or User Stories? Read Up!

There have been some really interesting articles in recent days and weeks that have been comparing use cases and user stories, and highlighting the advantages of each. I’ve cherry-picked some of the best from my collection of bookmarks to share with you here.

Regardless of what method you use, it is good to be familiar with the available options and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

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Requisite Pro + Doors = ?

What does IBM’s acquisition of Telelogic (Doors) mean to the future of both products? What does it mean for their users? I thought I’d share a recent article I came across that shows that IBM has made some progress in determining how they’ll leverage both products.

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Use Case Basics: Distinguishing Between Exception and Alternative Paths

A while back I was involved in a discussion during which someone commented that because exceptions are really just alternatives to the main success path, then there’s really no need to bother distinguishing them from other alternatives to the main success path.

While I knew that idea didn’t feel quite right, and there must be a good (and probably simple) response, I didn’t have one at the tip of my tongue at the time. And I admit, it wasn’t a burning issue that kept me awake at night, so I never thought much about it afterward until I came across this description of why we differentiate between the two.

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