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How hard could it be to design the stop sign?

I recently stumbled upon this video, got a kick out of it and thoughts I’d share. It is basically a video parody for the process of designing the stop sign if the project were kicked off in 2008. There have definitely been times in my career as a BA where I’ve felt like the poor chap trying to design to the customers’ specs.

Oh.. and for geeks like me who saw this and then wondered when we really did get the stop sign, here’s an interesting link.

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Economist Sowell on… Usability!

I love reading Thomas Sowell’s articles on economics and its social and political ramifications. His “Basic Economics” book broke down the basics of supply and demand as well as other economic principles in a way even I could understand! Today, however, his article was a rant on how hard today’s electronic gadgets are to use.

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Design for Use and Reuse

One way IT factories can really hurt themselves and their companies is by underemphasizing, or not considering at all the notion that systems and components should be designed with “reuse” in mind.

What is reuse, or the Reuse Model?

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