Take “me” as, of course, a hypothetical example.

I think I’m a pretty decent business analyst. I have a bit of experience. I have a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals. I have a pretty good understanding of my business and industry. I’m pretty good with people and technology. I enjoy what I do. The problem is, I want to be a great business analyst.

What does it take to get to that “next level”?

Ok, as business analysts, some of you are going to respond with something like, “first of all, you have to stop using ambiguous terms like ‘great’ to describe your objective.” Well, I’m purposely vague in this case because I’d also like to know, from a group of peers (that’s you), what makes a great business analyst as well as what it takes to get there.

What are the distinguishing factors, in your opinion, between a serviceable to good BA, and a great one?

What are some common characteristics of the best business analysts you’ve ever worked with? What set them apart from the others?

I, of course, have some ideas of my own, but I’d really be interested in seeing some of your thoughts. If you’re a BA, or if you manage or work with BA’s, please take a minute to add a comment or two on what you think makes a great business analyst.

Not only will “I” benefit from your insight, but I know from my interactions with readers of this site that there are many out there who will benefit from your knowledge!