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IT’s Interest in Business/IT Alignment

Bob Lambert says IT should take the initiative in solving problems of business/IT misalignment, and thinks the requirements process can be an effective vehicle for reaching out. I agree.

I could come up with a number of reasons why IT has an interest in being the one to reach out, but one reason in particular occurred to me as I was reading through Lambert’s post….

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What Good is the "As-is"?

Adrian Marchis at Modern Analyst posted a helpful article on process mapping describing, among other things, diagramming the “as-is” process as part of the overall process mapping exercise.

A very interesting and active discussion has followed concerning whether modeling the “as-is” process is valuable, or a waste of time and effort.

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Come Fête the Release of BABOK 2.0

Topics will include “what’s new in version 2.0, understand how to use and benefit from it, and find out what you need to know to get ready for the updates to the CBAP® exam” as well as Q&A time.

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