March, 2009

Notes from the BABOK 2.0 Launch Webcast

Kevin and Julian did a nice job with the presentation today and answered a lot of questions. I am glad I attended. Maybe it’s my inner geek coming to the surface, but I was really pretty excited by some of the ideas IIBA is working on and about the new and improved body of knowledge.

Here are a few notes I jotted down while listening that I thought my readers might find interesting.

Agile and Traditional Methodologies Compared…. Again

This post is spurred by a few articles I’ve read recently which have only served to reinforce some similar thoughts I’ve been having for a while now on the constant, competitively toned comparisons between agile and traditional development methodologies.

As I read article after article extolling the wonders of these new methodologies against the weaknesses of the traditional methods, I begin to wonder if the emphasis isn’t too much on agile methodologies over agile principles.