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link Jabian Journal and Visual Communication

My employer, Jabian Consulting, produces a semi-annual publication of our consultants’ latest thinking on today’s most important business and technology issues. The Spring, 2014 issue just came out today, and it’s really good (and I’d say that even if I didn’t work there!)! You […]



standard It’s (Still) All About the Team

If we can learn those basic, timeless principles that make any project successful, we’ll be able to identify them and adapt more easily to any environment whether waterfall, spiral, scrum, or the next big thing. One of those principles is that of enabling and empowering the cross-functional team.


standard The Value of Small Wins (or, How to Eat an Elephant)

So, what exactly are small wins, and why do they seem to add up as well as they do? As solutions professionals, we are ideally suited to make a difference when we help our businesses make those incremental changes which, over time, add up to significant wins and success in the marketplace. This post will include citations from sources I’ve come across while studying the topic of small wins on my own.



standard The Benefits of a Sincere Compliment

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment,” and I think many of us would agree with him. The “business” of delivering business solutions can be a stressful and, at times, seemingly thankless one. […]


standard We’re Business People First

“We need to remember that we’re business people first.” Those are among of the first words of wisdom imparted by my organization’s new CIO to our IT organization a few weeks ago, and they’ve been on my mind since. First, […]


stack of colorful binders in a office

standard Roughly Right, or Precisely Wrong?

John Maynard Keynes, the acclaimed economist, once stated, “It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.” This holds true for business analysis and solution requirements.


standard Be Kind to your Stakeholders!

I can remember at times being frustrated at the lack of involvement in requirements validation on the part of some of my business stakeholders. It bothered me that we were doing this work for them, and they didn’t seem to […]


standard “Requirements as Inventory” Metaphor

Think of requirements as inventory or as component materials in a storage bin with a shelf life and a carrying cost. Inventory isn’t free. You have to pay someone to produce (model and document) requirements. You need a supply of good, current (fresh) requirements to produce a quality product.