• Get Rid of Missed Business Analysis Career Goals Once and for All

    Are you disappointed that you haven’t achieved one or more goals from last year? Do you feel like you are doing the right things but are still not getting where you want to go? Are you beginning to question whether [...]

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  • Don’t Ask for Recognition, Earn it!

    “My performance is not great because management doesn’t understand my role and doesn’t support the BA work.” Does this type of complaint sound familiar to you? I get comments like this from time to time from business analysts looking for help with their career, [...]

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  • A Resume is a Work Sample

    I treat each candidate’s resume as a work product and hold it to many of the standards I would use to evaluate a project deliverable.

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  • We’re Business People First

    “We need to remember that we’re business people first.” Those are among of the first words of wisdom imparted by my organization’s new CIO to our IT organization a few weeks ago, and they’ve been on my mind since. First, [...]

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  • The Value of Small Wins (or, How to Eat an Elephant)

    So, what exactly are small wins, and why do they seem to add up as well as they do? As solutions professionals, we are ideally suited to make a difference when we help our businesses make those incremental changes which, over time, add up to significant wins and success in the marketplace. This post will include citations from sources I’ve come across while studying the topic of small wins on my own.

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