September, 2007

Dr. Pausch's "Last Lecture"

I just want to pass along a story I read in this morning’s WSJ that I think will appeal to this blog’s audience because a] it’s about one of our own; a “techie”, and b] it’s just a neat story. I really appreciated it, and think you will, too. Anyway, let’s take a short break from the rigors of discussing processes, documents, diagrams, meetings, deadlines, and the other everyday challenges of what we do as business and/or technology professionals while Carnegie Mellon Computer Science professor, Randy Pausch shares some of his “lessons learned.”

Handy Requirements Quality Digest/Checklist

This quick post is just to share an article I came across that I thought might be beneficial, especially to the relatively new analyst. “Specifying Good Requirements“, by Donald Firesmith, includes some good, basic information about requirement quality assurance. Basically, the article consists of a list of common requirement quality attributes (you know.. complete, correct, unambiguous, etc.) accompanied by questions that can be used as a checklist to ensure that your requirements meet the criteria of each attribute. Firesmith points out, [J]ust as we all had to learn the rules for writing grammatically correct English, we also have to learn […]