February, 2007

The Cornell Method of Note-taking

Ok, so a lot of folks nowadays will type their meeting notes directly into their laptops, and that’s not a bad thing. It certainly saves time. However, there are situations where the old pen and paper is not a bad thing. I, for example, am still a traditional pen-and-paper note taker. Much like in college, I find that I retain things better in my memory if I jot them down, and then enter them electronically into a more “official” format. Also, if, Heaven forbid, I should lose my electronic copy, I like to have a hard, handwritten copy laying around. […]

What's the value of good requirements?

Numerous professional studies have shown that poorly understood software requirements are the number one cause of schedule and budget overruns and ultimately project failure. Studies have also shown that the earlier in the SDLC that scope is understood, and defects averted, the greater the cost efficiency of the project. In fact, the cost of fixing errors in the requirements phase is only 1% to 5% of the cost to fix bugs in later phases of the lifecycle (1). It has been said that $1 spent on developing thorough, clear and concise requirements technology, processes, procedures, templates and standards is worth […]