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A Call to Participate!

For some reason, last week I picked up and began reading from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. In it, he mentions a mutual improvement society that he and several of his acquaintances founded in colonial Philadelphia to compare ideas, to critique each other’s publications, and to gather sociably. They called it “Junto.” The idea behind Junto was that in gathering like-minded individuals with a common cause for civil discourse, all participants stood to benefit.

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Excellent Resources for Business Analysts

Thinking of trying your hand at business analysis? Already a BA, and want to find information that will help you hone your skills? Just wondering what in the world a Business Analyst is, and what he/she does? If so, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

There are lots of great Web resources available to BA’s and those with similar interests. Below is a list of just a few of my current favorites, in no particular order.

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