The “Best Kept Secret” Benefit of IIBA Membership

I’ve been an IIBA member for several years now. I think the BABOK is great resource for business analysts, and I refer to it regularly.  I think the agile extension to the BABOK is shaping up to be another really useful resource. As a manager of business analysts, I love the competency model. I plan, one day – some day – to become CBAP certified. I occasionally attend and enjoy the free webinars that IIBA provides for its members. None of those items – useful and beneficial as they may be – is my favorite “perk” of IIBA membership, though. In […]

Notes from the BABOK 2.0 Launch Webcast

Kevin and Julian did a nice job with the presentation today and answered a lot of questions. I am glad I attended. Maybe it’s my inner geek coming to the surface, but I was really pretty excited by some of the ideas IIBA is working on and about the new and improved body of knowledge.

Here are a few notes I jotted down while listening that I thought my readers might find interesting.