More Drone Delivery Rumors?

I work for Jabian Consulting, an Atlanta based management and IT consulting firm, and a pretty cool company to work for. I should have known we’d be up to something when I heard rumors of Amazon’s drone delivery on the horizon. Have a look at this fun take on Jabian Consulting’s new method for delivering the Jabian Journal!. What do you think? Is it a “Strategy that Works”?

The Jabian Journal, by the way, is a periodical we produce to share our thought leadership with clients and friends. There is some really good material in the Fall 2013 edition, which you can browse online here. Let me know if you find anything particularly interesting!

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Jonathan Babcock is a management and IT consultant with expertise in business analysis, process optimization and solution delivery methodology. Practical Analyst is his outlet for sharing what he's learned, and for interacting with solution delivery professionals across the globe.

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