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More Drone Delivery Rumors?

I work for Jabian Consulting, an Atlanta based management and IT consulting firm, and a pretty cool company to work for. I should have known we’d be up to something when I heard rumors of Amazon’s drone delivery on the horizon. Have a look at this fun take on Jabian Consulting’s new method for delivering the Jabian Journal!. What do you think? Is it a “Strategy that Works”? The Jabian Journal, by the way, is a periodical we produce to share our thought leadership with clients and friends. There is some really good material in the Fall 2013 edition, which […]

Tweets of the Week

I’m a professional book junkie. Couple my commute with an Audible account, and I cover quite a bit of ground in short order. In fact, when I get around to it, I want to share some thoughts on a few I’ve recently read, including Give and Take by Adam Grant and Death by Meetings by Patrick Lencioni. Angela shared a list that may keep me busy for a few weeks: RT @WickAng: Great innovation-inspiring reading list from Stanford #iiba #baot #pmot – Great list! Thx! — Jonathan Babcock (@jonbab1) November 17, 2013 This was an interesting point of […]