Author: JB

The “Best Kept Secret” Benefit of IIBA Membership

I’ve been an IIBA member for several years now. I think the BABOK is great resource for business analysts, and I refer to it regularly.  I think the agile extension to the BABOK is shaping up to be another really useful resource. As a manager of business analysts, I love the competency model. I plan, one day – some day – to become CBAP certified. I occasionally attend and enjoy the free webinars that IIBA provides for its members. None of those items – useful and beneficial as they may be – is my favorite “perk” of IIBA membership, though....

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Read “The Checklist Manifesto”!

I recently bought, read, thoroughly enjoyed and am now recommending Atul Gawande’s book, “The Checklist Manifesto“. In “the manifesto”, Gawande pulls examples from the medical field, construction, aviation and others to show how simple checklists, coupled with timely and effective teamwork, can vastly improve the quality and effectiveness of what we do; in some cases, literally making the difference between life or death. I’m sharing some teaser quotes that I bookmarked during my read of “The Checklist Manifesto” because I think they are good at conveying some of the underlying principles that solution delivery professionals will find interesting, but...

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