Curing Analysis Paralysis

You’ve poured your heart and soul into drafting the perfect requirements specification. You’ve checked, doubled checked, and triple checked every syllable of the document for clarity, spelling, testability. You have full traceability to every business requirement. You’ve been extra, extra careful not to tread in the domain of design. Your spec is rock solid.

So, why, after 5 review sessions with project stakeholders and document consumers, are you still making edits?

The 6 "Be's" of Meeting Etiquette

A meeting can be very productive. A meeting can be a veritable nightmare. A lot depends on the professionalism of the participants.

I’ve devised a list that I think provides a broad but helpful guide that, if followed by meeting attendees, will result in a quality meeting where objectives can be met, and the tearing out of hair by its roots by participants can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.