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The Echo, The Lie and The UML Guy

“Early on, the goal is not to be right, but rather to be wrong in interesting, illuminative ways. Oh, it’s nice to feel like a genius when you do get it right the first time; but that’s rare. Much more common is that you think that you got it right, because your customer nods and doesn’t say much, when what’s really happening is that he’s too busy and just wants this meeting to be over. So being “right” in your early Echoes can lead to a false sense of security; and trying too hard to be right right away is misplaced effort and worry. Be as correct as you can manage, but recognize the limitations of your current knowledge.”

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Free Scrum & XP Project Tracking Tool

We don’t use SCRUM or XP in my shop, but I am always interested in learning more about other methods and tools, and I know some of my readers use these methodologies, so I thought I’d share some information on Sprintometer, a free SCRUM & XP project tracking tool.

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Is the Solution Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?

Ever taken a “20 questions” approach to requirements elicitation? According to The Bitter Project Manager, there are good reasons for doing so. Querying the user/customer in 20 questions fashion helps to determine s/he wants by eliminating the things s/he doesn’t.

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